Is Seo For Google Search Engine Only?

Most companies only consider Google as the main search engine, when working on their SEO marketing campaign. However, things have changed, and there are other search engines that have caught the attention of users, for different reasons. There are plenty reasons for SEO experts to not focus their full efforts on optimizing a website, for Google search engine only.

Control Over Ranking

When companies buy Google ads, then they are able to buy the top position on the first page of search engine results. This means, for example, that if a user searches for the top religions in the world, there would be Google ads telling them about religious courses, that would be all paid. This means that even though website put their whole hearted efforts into SEO Boston, they might lose the top position to those websites, who buy ads and space in Google.

Alternate Search Engine

There are many search engines, other than Google, which are used by people like Bing and Yahoo! There are has been an increase in the usage of the search engine called DuckDuckGo, because it respects the privacy of its users. Users who search things on the internet, they dont want to be discovered by others, and they want their search to remain private. This is an opportunity which DuckDuckGo has grabbed, and they give only one top position to ads.

Marketing Opportunity

SEO experts have to focus on the constantly changing algorithms of Google, and they are not able to focus on the guerrilla marketing, which is an effective marketing strategy. People do use search engines to find out information, but their methods are now changing. The search engines of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are used by people to look for information, and it can also drive traffic to a website. Reddit and VKontakte are also used by users, to find out new information about celebrities, current affairs, and music.

There is a different search engine for each thing; for example, if someone wants to promote a movie, then they should know that users often search about movies on IMDd. If someone wants to learn about the history of a company, then they search it on the Wikipedia website. If a company writes an article about their history, then they should upload it on Wikipedia and make use of the free publicity.

Apple Store

The Apple store is a place where people search for apps and games. It is a search engine, that is different from a Google store, found in most Android phones. When companies develop their apps, then they should make sure that these apps can be found in the search engine results of both the Apple store and the Google store. Connecting apps with the main website of a brand would be a good way to drive traffic to that website.

Putting all eggs in one basket would not be fruitful for a company, which is why they should always optimize their content for different search engines and not focus on one.

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