Americans Against Self-Help Fraud!
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fraud is to claim that a certain belief, method or practice improves mental health, personal life circumstances or interpersonal relationships without providing valid, supporting scientific evidence!
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AASF works to educate the public about ethical, honest & valid practices in the self-help field through information, education & research.

AASF focuses on ethical practices & professional standards & does not conduct investigations or report unethical practices or people who violate the law!

Featured Self-Help Resource by Dr. John Norcross

"An exceptional & truly authoritative resource. The volume impartially & judiciously surveys all the important paths commonly used by self-help consumers, clearly presenting its valuable findings!" 
     - Albert Ellis, PhD is a non-profit charity organization form
ed to educate the public about the self-help industry. Those who ‘seek’ to better their lives and improve the world around them through the assistance of a self-help organization should be able to do so in a safe environment.

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